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Traits of Gifted




The State of Florida and then the Broward County School District has set forth requirements and procedures for Gifted children.  Below is a summary of a few important areas.  Additionally, included below is a FAQ made to the Gifted Advisory Counsil.

State of Florida

The State of Florida defines a gifted child as one who has superior intellectual development and is capable of high performance.  It sets requirements for gifted children given one of the following criteria is met:

  • (1) Student demonstrates a need for a special program, a majority of characteristics of gifted students according to a standard scale or checklist; and, superior intellectual development as measured by an individually administered standardized test of intelligence.
  • (2) The student is a member of an under-represented group and meets the criteria specified in an approved school district plan for increasing the participation of under-represented groups in programs for gifted students.  For the purpose of this rule, under-represented groups are defined as groups: a. Who are limited English proficient, or who are from a low socio-economic status family.

The steps for being designated as gifted include:

  • Step 1: A nomination by a parent/guardian, general education teacher or other school personnel, community members, self or peer.
  • Step 2: A screening to identify students who might be referred for an individual evaluation. The district should actively search for referrals among typically underrepresented populations.
  • Step 3: An onfficial referall request for an individual evaluation based on the screening process. 
  • Step 4: An intellectual evaluation is administered by a licensed/certified school psychologist. The parent/guardian may choose to have the independent intellectual evaluation administered by a private licensed/certified psychologist at his/her own expense. 

Transfers Students Within State: A gifted student who is transferring from one Florida public school district to another must be provided service. 

Transfer from Out-of-State: Refer to rule 6A-6.0334 and Rule 6A-6.0331 (4) and (5), F.A.C.

From Outside of the United States: Must be evaluated for gifted services using Rule 6A-6.03019, F.A.C. 



Broward County


[TO BE ADDED: BCSB Procedures]





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  • Will I be notified that my child was evaluated?
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