Gifted Advisory Council

The Gifted Advisory Council represents students who are gifted in an advisory capacity, through collaboration, consultation and participation in schools, District, and community derived committees and organizations.

It is parent driven and fosters and promotes communication between parents of Gifted students, the Superintendent of Broward County Schools, Broward County School Board and other district derived advisories.

  • To assist in developing, identifying, and assessing the educational needs, systemic issues, and priorities of gifted students and programs
  • To provide a forum for information about school and community programs, advocacy, support, procedural guidelines, Education Plans (EP), procedures, school board initiatives, educational enrichment, resources, and data
  • To provide suggestions for proposed legislation and tracking of new and existing federal, state, and county legislation addressing educational issues and programs
  • To seek legislative support for fully funded gifted programs
  • To promote and encourage parent and community involvement concerning gifted education issues and initiatives
  • To promote diversity so that students who are gifted are representative of the population of Broward County Public Schools
  • To implement and maintain School Board approved Gifted Advisory Council procedural bylaws and guidelines. These by-laws will follow the district by-laws template.

Council Leadership

  • Chair: Karla Figueroa
  • Vice Chair: Alan Bushkin
  • Recording Secretary: Jessica Benner
  • Corresponding Secretary:  Diego Britto
  • Communications Chair: Vacant